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Residential Fencing

CMJ Fence & Security has decades of experience in residential fencing and recognizes the importance of factors such as local safety regulations or codes, and compliance with homeowner association (HOA) or inspector requirements.

CMJ can work with you to ensure that your fence meets the requirements of your HOA. We’ll take your guidance and provide options that will make it easier for you to gain HOA approval.

Pools often require fencing with a secure latch for safety, but many homeowners also want privacy to screen the pool from view. Homes that have yards for dogs or kids to play in benefit from metal fencing, semi-privacy wood fencing, or aluminum fences. Decorative or ornamental fencing can enhance your property’s landscaping. And, split rail fencing can help identify property lines and prevent encroachment.

Whatever your goals, CMJ Fence & Security can provide a free consultation and quote.

Types of Residential Fencing Projects

  • Ornamental fencing with wood, picket, or iron.
  • Privacy or semi-privacy fencing with wood, composite.
  • Metal fencing, such as iron and aluminum fencing.
  • Split rail fencing for property lines.
  • Gates in materials such as wood, iron, metal, vinyl, or aluminum.
  • Security gates with various latches or rollers.
  • Enclosures for yards, pools, or animals.

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Residential Service Areas

Delaware Counties: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex

Maryland Counties: Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, and Worcester

Maps of CMJ Fence and Security residential territory in Maryland and Delaware